Vinegar 20% Acidity, Natural Weed Killer

Vinegar 20% Acidity, Natural Weed Killer, Gallon Size
Vinegar 20% Acidity, Natural Weed Killer, Gallon Size
Regular price: $47.50
Sale price: $43.45, 2/$58.90, 4/$88.90

Product Description

Vinegar 20% Acidity, is a all natural weed killer. This product is a non-selective weed killer, meaning it might kill everything it touches, it is very important to watch overspray. The product works by drawing the moisture out of the leaf subsequently killing the plant (weed). Vinegar 20% Acidity is best used at full strength in a pump type pressure sprayer that is then applied to the targeted weeds.

This product does contain Acetic Acid and is corrosive, there is a hazardous material handling fee of $27.50 that has been added to the price of the product. This fee is what UPS, FedEx charge to handle Hazardous Materials. The standard shipping cost to your location, will be added thru the checkout process.

The price of this product is per gallon, 2 gallon case and a 4 gallon case.

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