Blue Elegance, Lake and Pond dye

Blue Elegance, Lake and Pond Dye
Blue Elegance, Lake and Pond Dye
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Product Description

Blue Elegance, Lake and Pond Dye, adds beauty to lakes, ponds, and fountains by imparting a natural blue or blue-green shade. Blue Elegance aids in beautifiying golf courses, parks, industrial parks and campgrounds.

Dilution recommendations: Add 1 gallon per acre of water 4 to 5 feet deep. If pond is deeper, or if a deeper color is desired use additional dye. Pour the liquid out in the pond in several locations and allow to disperse. Use gloves (disposable are ideal) to avoid staining of hands.

Important Note: Do not apply product to water intended for human consumption. Do not use this product for streams, rivers or other bodies of water not under control of the user. Do not use in water that has been or will be chlorinated.

Blue Elegance is harmless to humans, fish, wildlife and natural vegetation. It does not affect or stain, swans, ducks, geese, frogs, fish or other forms of marine life.

Contains Organic Dyes- Acid Blue #9 and Tartrazine Yellow.

Non-Toxic, Long Lasting, Economical.

Price listed is a per 5-gal. pail price


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